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Fauji Cereals was established in 1954, a fully owned Project of Fauji Foundation and started trial production initially in collaboration with Quaker Oats England in 1956. It is the pioneer commercial venture of Fauji Foundation. It is the major producer of breakfast cereals in Pakistan with wide range of products. It is Pakistan’s most prestigious and biggest cereal processing unit, having the latest modernized machinery, highly hygienic environments for production of Halal Food Products. The Company enjoys over 80% of the market share in the category of Breakfast Cereals and Porridge Food Products.  

Achievements of Awards:  


The Company has been awarded by Ex-Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani in recognition of its consistent dedicated performance in exports and High Quality of Food Products;

  • RCCI Gold Award for Exports 2011
  • RCCI Excellence Award for Quality 2011

Fauji Cereals also possesses following Awards in 2010:-
  • RCCI Excellence Award 2010
  • RCCI Achievement Award 2010

In the Past, Fauji Cereals received following Awards:-
  • RCCI Best Exporter Award 2005
  • American Quality Award 1991
  • International Leading Company Award 1991


Fauji Cereals is serving the nation with Best Quality Cereal Products since last six decades and maintaining Market Leadership in Breakfast Cereals & Porridge Food Products. The company has achieved ISO 9001-2008 Certification by adopting the International Standard Procedures for producing high quality food products. 100% Halal ingredients are used in the manufacturing process of all products. The Company has also penetrated in International Market and exporting its products to various countries. It also served as a supplier to World Food Programme and UNICEF.


State of Art Extrusion Technology:

The State of the Art, Swiss made, Extruded Corn Flakes Plant was installed in March 2012. The Plant is making paramount quality products including flakes and expanded products. The Plant is making all New International Quality Corn Flakes, Bran Flakes, Rice Flakes, and Wheat Flakes along-with Honey and Chocolate Coated versions in addition to Choco Pops, Choco Cups, Choco Rings, Choco Stars, Honey Pops, Honey Barley Rings and Frootooz. The Size, Shape, Crispiness and taste of the New Fauji Flakes is compatible with any other foreign brand.


Products Range. Products Range and year of introduction is as under:-


Products Range and year of introduction
Products Range Year of Introduction
Ready to Eat

Corn Flakes

Wheat Flakes 1960
Rice Flakes 1960
Honey Corn Flakes 2001
Honey Corn Pops 2001
Chocolate Corn Pops 2001
Chocolate Corn Flakes 2005
Chocolate Rice Flakes 2005
Frootooz 2006

Bran Flakes


Frosted Flakes


Choco Cups


Choco Rings


Choco Stars


Honey Barley Rings

Muesli 2017

Corn Flakes Strawberry


Corn Flakes Mango

Cooking Preparation
  Wheat Porridge 1964
Barley Porridge 1995
Desserts Products
  Jelly Quick Set 1962
Custard Powder 1970
Ice Cream Powder 1994
Kheer Mix Special 2004
Kheer Mix Khoya 2004
Firni Khas 2006
Other Products
  Corn Flour 1979
Rice Flour 1990
Pearl Barley 1964
Laundry Kalaf 1999
Vermicellies 2007


For more information click here: Fauji Cereals website

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