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Frequently Asked Questions

Entitlement Criteria

Q1- Who are entitled for availing free medical treatment in Fauji Foundation Medical Projects?

Beneficiaries of Fauji Foundation are entitled free medical treatment. Following are included:-

  • Pensioners to the extent of provisioning of appliances e.g. stents, pacemakers, balloons, valves, (Pakistan Air Force only) orthopedic nails, plates and screws etc, Hearing Aids, Intra Occular Lens and Dentures, (All pensioners less retired officers).
  • Wives, sons (upto the age of 18 years) and daughters (till they are married) of ex-servicemen (JCOs and Soldiers), SVS personnel and their families.
  • Daughters of ex-servicemen, (JCOs & Soldiers) who are widows/divorcee and dependent on their parents. However on re-marriage, such daughters cease to be Beneficiaries.
  • Sons of ex-servicemen already undergoing treatment for a particular ailment will continue getting treatment for that particular ailment if treatment is required beyond 18 years but upto the age limit of 19 years.
  • Invalid sons of ex-servicemen irrespective of age (even beyond 18 years of age) are entitled free medical treatment.
  • Parents of Shaheeds (JCOs/Soldiers) - Definition of Shaheeds
    • All deaths in the operations area.
    • All training related deaths.
    • All deaths during performance of Internal Security duties, Classified operations and anti terrorist     operations.
    • All security related deaths.
    • All deaths during UN Mission/assignment.
  • Short Voluntary Service personnel and, their families.
  • Those who have served in or retired from Mujahid Force ex 10 Corps since the 1st  Oct 2002, including “Shaheeds or Disabled in military action prior to the 1st  Oct 2002, and personnel of all other Mujahid Battalions to be activated elsewhere in Pakistan provided that they take part in action during war”.
  • Employees of Fauji Foundation are entitled free medical treatment as per terms of their contracts.
  • Treatment of Pensioners. Pensioners are only provided treatment at Fauji Foundation Medical Projects where military hospitals do not exist within a radius of 50 KMs.

Q2- Am I entitled for free treatment from Artificial Limb Center (ALC) at Fauji Foundation Hospital Rawalpindi. If I am a beneficiary?

Yes you are, provided you have been referred to ALC by Fauji Foundation specialist.

Q3- I am a civilian (non FF beneficiary), can I avail treatment from FF medical projects and Artificial Limb Centre (ALC) FFH Rawalpindi?

Yes you can avail medical treatment from FF medical projects and ALC Rawalpindi on payment. All FF medical projects have rate list of available medical treatments which are economical than market rates. However the quality of treatment can match any best medical institution in the area.

Treatments Offered

Q4- What types of treatment are available in Fauji Foundation Hospitals?

  • Fauji Foundation Hospitals offer state of art specialized treatment in Medicine, Surgery, Gynae/Obs, Paediatrics, Eye, ENT, Psychiatry, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Oncology, Pulmonology, Dermatology, Nephrology, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Psychology, Rheumatology, Rehabilitation (Speech therapy, Occupational therapy and Physiotherapy), Urology, Neurology, Radiology (X-Rays, CT Scan and MRI), Pathology, Plastic Surgery, Cardiology, Anaesthesiology and Dentistry under one roof and most hygienic conditions. The Fauji Foundation Hospital at Rawalpindi has the most advanced operation theatre facility in the country. The operation theatres are supported by a high-tech Central Sterilization Stores Department, which ensures absolute germ free surgical equipment used in operations and other departments.
  • Both Indoor and Outdoor treatments are offered to Beneficiaries and civilians. Well furnished and equipped private rooms are also available for private patients at competitive rates.

Diagnostics Available

Q5- What diagnostic tests are available in Fauji Foundation Hospitals?

Fauji Foundation Hospitals have the most advanced diagnostic equipment in the area. Almost all types of advanced Laboratory Tests, X-Rays, CT Scan and MRI are available at competitive rates.

Treatment Procedures

Q6- What about the treatment which is not available in Fauji Foundation medical projects?

Patients requiring treatment which is not available in Fauji Foundation Medical Centres/Dispensaries are referred to other Fauji Foundation Hospitals where the treatment is available. If still the treatment is highly specialized and not available in FF Urban Hospitals (Rawalpindi,Lahore, Peshawar and Karachi) then the patients are referred/outsourced to authorized institutions on FF panel.

Q7- Which institutions are authorized for outsourcing treatment?

  • AFIC/NIHD Rawalpindi
  • Punjab Institute of Cardiology Lahore
  • ShaukatKhanumMemorialHospitalLahore
  • IttefaqHospitalLahore
  • National Institute for Cardio Vascular Diseases Karachi
  • Liaqat National Hosiptal Karachi
  • Rehman Medical Centre Peshawar
  • LadyReadingHospitalPeshawar

 However, the patient has to report to FF medical project for referral to above medical institutions.

Q8- Which type of treatments are not covered by FF as free?

  • Normal Deliveries
  • Transplant surgeries/procedures
  • Cosmetic surgeries/procedures
  • Infertility cases
  • Growth Hormone treatment
  • Provision of  Whole blood

Q9- What is the maximum financial limit provided by FF for outsourcing treatment?

Fauji Foundation irrespective of the cost of treatment provides a maximum of Rs 200,000.00. Amount exceeding Rs 200,000.00 is paid by the patient prior to the medical procedure/operation. Patients will contribute 5% of the amount sanctioned.

Q10- Can I be reimbursed amount spent by me on emergency treatment availed from authorized institutions on panel of Fauji Foundation?

No re-imbursement is made for any expenditure on treatment from outside without referral by FF specialist and recommendations from Fauji Foundation medical projects. However, cost of emergency treatment availed from authorized institutions by beneficiaries will be reimbursed after scrutiny and approval of Welfare Division (Health).

Q11- What is the process of Registration for treatment in Fauji Foundation Medical Projects?

Procedure for Registration:

  1. As per existing practice beneficiary patients are registered in the Fauji Foundation Medical Projects located in close proximity of his / her native place.
  2. If patient is permanently settled at city other than the native place (mentioned in ID cards), a certificate from Secretary of respective Union Council / Soldier Board or Member Cantonment Board is provided by the individual as a proof that he is a resident of the City. Then a new treatment card is issued with info to the native Fauji Foundation Medical Project and his old card will be cancelled.
  3. In case of emergency, if the individual reports to the Hospital / Medical Project other than the project (where registered) with out referral, he / she is entertained immediately. However, for routine cases referral from native Fauji Foundation Medical Project is mandatory.
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