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Treatment Policy

Beneficiaries of Fauji Foundation are entitled "Free Medical Treatment" as per following parameters:-

  • Wives, sons (upto the age of 18 years) and daughters (till they are married) of ex-servicemen (JCOs and Soldiers).
  • Daughters of ex-servicemen (JCOs & Soldiers) who are widows / divorcee and dependent on their parents. However, on remarriage, such daughters cease to be beneficiaries.
  • Invalid sons of ex-servicemen irrespective of age (even beyond 18 years of age) are entitled free medical treatment.
  • Sons of ex-servicemen already undergoing treatment for a particular ailment will continue getting treatment for that particular ailment, if treatment is required beyond 18 years but upto the age limit of 19 years.
  • Parents of Shaheeds (JCOs/ Soldiers).
  • Pensioners to the extent of provisioning of appliances e.g. orthopedic nails, plates & screws, etc., Hearing aids, Intra Occular Lens Dentures to Pak Army only and pensioners if residing outside 50 kms radious of CMH.
  • Artificial Limbs (All pensioners of 3 x forces less retired officers).
  • Short Voluntary Service personnel and their families.
  • Those who have served in or retired from Mujahid Force ex 10 Corps since the 1st Oct 2002, including “Shaheeds or Disabled in military action prior to the 1st Oct 2002, and personnel of all other Mujahid Battalions to be activated elsewhere in Pakistan provided that they take part in action during war”.
  • Gratuity cases self & dependents.

Note: For further information, please approach your nearest Fauji Foundation healthcare facility or the concerned official as indicated in the directory.


Update on Chronic Patients Treatment:

Fauji Foundation medical projects provide free specialized treatment to beneficiaries suffering from chronic ailments like Diabetes, Mellitus, Hypertension, Ischemic Heart Disease, Chronic Cardiac and Respiratory diseases, Cancer, Blood disorders, Chronic Liver and Kidney diseases, Psychiatric disorders and Chronic Bone and Joint diseases. Fauji Foundation is spending substantial amount of health budget for treatment of chronic diseases. Specialized treatment for chronic patients not available from Fauji Foundation Medical Projects is outsourced to authorize Medical Institutions on Fauji Foundation panel. Chronic patients are provided treatment through a system of patients registration and these patients are reviewed by the Fauji Foundation Specialists on quarterly basis. The Specialists from Fauji Foundation Hospitals also visit peripheral medical projects to review the patients at their door step.


Cardiac Treatment:

Fauji Foundation is not only providing (outsourcing) Cardiac Treatment to beneficiaries of Fauji Foundation, but also paying more than Rs 119.5 million to W&R Dte, GHQ, PAF and Pak Navy for provision of cardiac treatment to retired officers & their families upto the rank of Colonel and retired soldiers (pensioners). In this regard, so far (till June 2017) we have paid Rs 1.5 billion.

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