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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- Who is the beneficiary for grant of Fauji Foundation Stipend?

  1. Term "Beneficiaries" includes following for the grant of Fauji Foundation educational stipend: -
    1. Released, retired and discharged personnel of the Regular Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Northern Light Infantry, Defence Services Guards and 10 Corps Mujahids and all other activated Mujahid Battalions who served in Armed Forces for minimum 10 Years.
    2. Wives and widows (unless remarried) of 1a above.
    3. Sons and unmarried/divorced daughters of 1a above.
  2. The condition of minimum 10 year service is not applicable to the following categories:-
    1. Individuals invalided out of service/medically boarded out of service on account of disability attributable/aggravated due to military service and in receipt of disability pension.
    2. Short Voluntary Service (SVS) personnel and Short Service Engagement (SSE) personnel released from service on completion of their condition of enrolment.
    3. Personnel discharged from service "Being Surplus to Establishment".
    4. Children of Shuhuda.
    5. Children of personnel who died during service.

Q2- What is the marks percentage for grant of educational stipend of various Gp/classes and annual rates of stipend?

Stipend Categories/Groups, Qualifications & Rates
Category/ Group Qualification Stipend Rate (per annum)

a. Class 1-10 Children of Shuhada,Orphans and disabledpersonnel)

b. Class 9 & 10 (Children of normal ex service personnel).

On promotion to next higher class.

Rs. 2500.00



Group - 1
Intermediate (FA/FSc or equivalent)

a. Minimum 60 % marks in matric or equivalent and intervening classes also.#

b. Students securing 80% & above marks in Matric or equivalent exam&minimum 60% marks in intervening classes.



Rs. 3000.00
Group - 2
Graduation (BBA/BS/BA/BSc or equivalent)

a. Minimum 60% marks in intermediate or equivalent and intervening classes.#

b. Students securing 80% & above marks in Intermediate or equivalent exam &minimum 60% marks in intervening classes.



Rs. 4500.00
Group - 3
Post Graduation (MS/MA/ MSc& Professional courses/classes)

a. Minimum 60% marks in last board/ university exam and intervening classes also.#

b. Students securing 80% & above marks in Intermediate and minimum 60% marks inuniversity orequivalent exam& intervening classes.



Rs. 8000.00
AIOU Courses

a.Correspondence Courses:
Minimum 60 % marks in completed class/ course as well as last board/university exam passed.

b.Regular Courses: Minimum 60 % marks in last Board/ University exam as well as intervening classes also.
Normal rate of equivalent class/group
VTC/TTC/Polytechnic On admission and promotion to next class, if applicable(irrespective of marks obtained). Rs.2200.00 
Disabled/Special Children On admission in Class 1 onwards (irrespective of marks obtained). Rs.5000.00 

(1) Students securing 80% & above marks in Intermediate or equivalent exam & undergoing higher professional courses as per Para 8. c of Fauji Foundation Stipend Rules.

(2) For ‘A’ Level qualified students, minimum 80% marks In two subjects of concerned discipline.

(3) Continuation of Award. As per the para 8. b of Fauji Foundation Stipend Rules.  

Govt Institutions :
Rs. 12,000.00




Private specified Institutions :

Rs. 60,000.00
b. Post Graduation  (1) Minimum 80% & above marks in intermediate Exam.
(2) Minimum 67% marks in BA/BSc or equivalent Exams.
(3) Continuation of Award. As per the para 8.b of Fauji Foundation Stipend Rules.  
c. Distinction Award

Students securing overall1st, 2ndand 3rd positions in Board/University final exams are eligible for distinction award in addition to normal award. They have to submit application separately for distinction as well as normal award duly supported with merit certificate, a certificate reflecting total number of students appeared in exam issued by the controller of exam and a copy of detailed mark sheet.

To Become eligible for Distinction Award:- (1) Obtaining minimum 60% marks is mandatory

(2)Minimum strength of students appeared in Board/ University Exam should be:-

(a) Upto 10 - No award
(b) 11-30 - 1st only
(c) 31-50 - 1st& 2nd only
(d) 51 & above - 1st, 2nd&3rd

(3)Students obtaining positions in Govt, Defence Forces, Fauji Foundation Institutions and private Institutions approved for Excellence Award will Only be granted Distinction Award.

(4)Verification fee of the documents; if required will be Paid by the students concerned

(5) Application for Distinction Award must be submitted within one year from the date of declaration of result.  

Board Exam
1st Rs. 20000/-
2nd Rs. 15000/-
3rd Rs.10000/-


1st Rs.30000/-
2nd Rs.25000/-
3rd Rs.15000/-

# If a beneficiary student secures 59.50 to 59.99% marks in Board/University exam, these may be rounded off as 60% for the purpose of grant of normal stipend. However, this will not be applicable in case of FFMS/FF Colleges and Excellence Award.

Q3- What is the eligibility criteria for excellence Award as well as annual rates?

Higher Professional Courses
  1. Students securing 80% & above marks in Intermediate or equivalent exam & undergoing Higher Professional courses are eligible for FF Excellence Award
  2. For 'A' Level qualified students, min 80% Marks in two subjects of concerned discipline or minimum 80% marks in equivalence certificate issued by Inter Board Committee of Chairmen.
Govt Institutions : Rs 12000.00 Private specified Institutions : Rs 60,000.00
Post Graduation
  1. Min 80% & above marks in intermediate Exam.
  2. Min 67% marks in BA/BSc or equivalent. Exams.

Q4- In which courses and institutions Excellence Awards is granted to a beneficiary?

Higher Professional Cources/Classes & Educational Institutions Students undergoing following courses / classes in following institutions only will be eligible for Excellence Award:-

  1. Courses
    MBBS/BDS, D Pharmacy/M Pharmacy, DVM/M Vet Sciences, Doctor of Physiotheropy, BSc/MSc (Engg), BSc/MSc ( agriculture), BIT/MIT, BCS/MCS and MBA.
  2. Institutions
    1. Govt Universities & Professional Colleges.
    2. Pakistan Defence Forces Universities & Professional Colleges.
    3. Fauji Foundation Professional Colleges.
    4. Following private Universities & Professional Colleges:-
      1. GIK Institute Swabi.
      2. LUMS
      3. FAST
      4. Aga Khan University Karachi

Q5- What is the criteria for grant of Distinction Award?

Students securing 1st, 2nd & 3rd positions in Board/University final exams are granted Distinction Award subject to obtaining minimum 60% marks. However, student of private institutions are ineligible for this award. The rates of Distinction awards are as follow.

Board Exam

1st Rs. 20000/-
2nd Rs. 15000/-
3rd Rs.10000/-

University Exam
1st Rs.30000/-
2nd Rs.25000/-
3rd Rs.15000

Q6- What documents are required for Academic Distinction Award??

Following documents are required for Fauji Foundation Academic Distinction Award:-

  1. Stipend application form.
  2. Merit certificate issued by Controller of Examinations.
  3. Gazette Notification or a certificate reflecting total number of students appeared in exam, issued by Controller of Examinations.
  4. Photo Copy of CNIC; both student and Father/Mother (in case of fresh candidate)
  5. Photo copy of discharge certificate Father/Mother (in case of fresh candidate)

Q7- From which class FF Edn Stipend is sanctioned and also define its criteria?

The applicant must be a regular enrolled student of a government or recognized/accredited institution. He/she will be eligible for stipend as under:-

  1. Class I onwards: -
    1. Children of Shaheeds, deceased and disabled ex service personnel.
    2. Special/Disabled children of ex-service personnel.
  2. Class IX onwards. Children of all normal ex-service personnel.
  3. Special/disabled children will be awarded stipend on promotion to next higher class, irrespective of marks obtained. In case a special child is eligible for higher award in any other group, then he/she is awarded stipend according to rates in that group. Special/Disabled children studying in normal institutions will however, fwd Disability Certificate issued by Distt Disability Assessing Board or Fauji Foundation Hospital/Medical Centre. Disability certificate issued by a private medical practitioner will NOT be accepted.
  4. Students will be eligible to apply for stipend in the classes they are studying, wef the next day of SOS of their father/mother.
  5. Maximum three children will be awarded stipend in a session. (In addition to invalid/special children). However there is no restriction for children of shaheeds/deceased and disabled. All children of a shaheed, deceased and disabled are eligible for FF stipend. 

Q8- What are the eligibility criteria for grant of AIOU courses Stipend?

  1. Beneficiaries studying in AIOU approved centres on regular basis will be eligible for stipend at rates applicable to their respective groups. They will be required to apply for scholarship on yearly basis. Students undergoing correspondence courses will be paid stipend if they apply within one year of completion of the course.
  2. Upper age limit for male students is 25 years. This will be determined from the date of qualifying/completing a certificate/degree as given therein.
  3. There is no age limit for un-married/divorced daughters, special/disabled sons and for ex-service personnel themselves / their spouses.
  4. For the students undergoing correspondence courses through AIOU it will be mandatory to obtain 60% marks in previous class examination as well as class for which scholarship applied. Attested copies of DMC for previous class and class for which stipend applied is to be attached like all other regular students.

Q9- Which ex-svcmen are not eligible for FF Edn Stipend and on what grounds applications are rejected.

  1. Court Martial cases, dependents of Pak Rangers/Janbaz/Mujahid Force (Less 10 Corps Mujahids and activated Mujahid Battalions) / Frontier Corps, Scouts/Army Postal Service, Recruits (other than para 1 c (1) above) and civilians paid out of defence estimates.
  2. Students studying in those classes of Dini Madaris for which equivalence has not been provided by the Ministry of Education/University Grants Commission/ Higher Education Commission.
  3. Applicants for Post Matric Group who have obtained less than 60% marks in the last final Board/ University examination, Or intervening classes
  4. Stipend already availed for the class applied for.
  5. Application pertaining to previous academic session.
  6. If duration of the course is less than one year.
  7. Form B/NIC number differs from the previous record.
  8. Stipend application received in-complete in any respect and after the due date.
  9. Specialist courses after MBBS/ M Phil/ Ph D or any other discipline.
  10. If a student sends more than one application for the same session/ class, Fauji Foundation reserves the right to reject all the applications.
  11. Children of Senior Officers (Brig & above) except deceased Brigs. 
  12. Disciplinary cases debarred from receipt of either pension or gratuity.
  13. Voluntarily retiring before completion of 10 years of service.
  14. Invalided out, cause not attributable to military service.
  15. Discharged for not being found fit for further service prior to completion of 10 years of service.

Q10- Under what conditions a student studying in FFMS and college eligible for FF Edn Stipend?

Since the educational expenses of such beneficiaries are being heavily subsidized, hence they are not eligible for grant of stipend. However, following categories of students will remain eligible:-

  1. Students securing 80% or above marks from class VIII onwards.
  2. Children of Shaheed, deceased and disabled ex-service personnel.
  3. Special/Disabled children of ex-service personnel
  4. Children of ex-service personnel studying as civilians and paying full fee (certificate to this effect will be required).

Q11- What is annual schedule for submission of stipend application and payment?

The schedule for submission of applications every year and payment is as under:-

Cycle Pre - Matriculation Post Matriculation
(Group I & II)
Post Matriculation
(Group III)
Phase - I Phase - II Phase - I Phase - II Phase - I Phase - II
Application to reach  Stipend Department 1 April - 31 May 1 Nov - 31 Dec 1 Nov - 31 Dec 1 Mar - 30 Apr 1 Jan - 28 Feb 1 May - 30 Jun
Payment of Stipends Nov - Dec Apr - May Mar - Apr Jul - Aug  Apr - May Aug - Sep

Q12- From where Stipend application forms can be obtained and what is the procedure for submission of stipend application.

  1. Application Forms. Stipend application forms can be obtained on cash payment of Rs.6.00 per form, from the offices of District Armed Services Board, Fauji Foundation Welfare Projects or from Fauji Foundation Head Office, 68 Tipu Road, Chaklala, Rawalpindi Cantt. Form can also be downloaded from Fauji Foundation website
  2. How To Apply. A beneficiary is required to apply every year. Forms are processed through computer; therefore, it is essential that application forms are correctly and neatly filled up in English (Capital Letters) and all portions/sections completed. While submitting the application, the applicant MUST read the instructions printed on the form so that forms are not rejected/returned. If receipt portion of the application form is affixed with the postal stamp, only then it will be replied/acknowledged.

Q13- How the stipend is paid to a beneficiary?

  1. Pre-Matric/Post Matric Stipend will be paid through money order in the name of the student at home address. Money order charges are deducted from the stipend amount.
  2. Excellence/Distinction Award. The amount will be paid through a Bank Draft sent to head of the concerned educational institution in case of Excellence Award and to the nearest DASB in case of Distinction Award.

Q14- Which documents are required to be attached with stipend application forms?

Documents Required.Copies of following documents duly attested are required to be submitted along with application:-
  1. For Fresh Cases.
    1. Discharge certificate and pension book of father or mother.
    2. National Identity Card of father/ mother
    3. National Identity Card or Form 'B' of applicant.
    4. Death certificate/Disability certificate of father /mother (if applicable)
    5. In case a disabled beneficiary is studying in a normal school, the Disability Certificate obtained from District Disability Assessment Board or FF Hospital/ Centre will only be acceptable. Medical certificate issued by an ordinary medical practitioner will NOT be accepted
    6. Detailed marks sheet for Post Matric classes, duly attested by head of present educational institution or Secy/Asst Secy DASB or a Commissioned Officer (serving or retired).
  2. For Renewal Cases

    Stipend application form duly supported with a copy of Detailed Marks Sheet of previous class (only for post matric level classes), duly attested as applicable.


Q15- Who all are authorized to attest the documents attached with stipend forms?

Related section of the application form must be signed by Head of the educational institution. Section IV of the form and all other documents can be attested by Secy /Asstt Secy DASB or Commissioned Officer (Serving/Retired) clearly showing Army number, rank & name. DMC (Detailed Marks Certificate) can, however, be attested by head of present educational institution.

Q16- To whom stipend query, if any is to be addressed?

  1. All correspondence will be addressed to "General Manager (Stipend) Welfare Division (Education) Fauji Foundation Head Office, 68 Tipu Road, Chaklala, Rawalpindi Cantt".
  2. In case of any query, the applicant MUST quote last year's stipend number, father's/mother's Service Number and district of domicile, alongwith a stamped/self-addressed envelope. Otherwise, stipend department is not obligated to reply.
  3. A query booth has been established at the main gate of Fauji Foundation Head Office, 68 Tipu Road, , Rawalpindi Cantt. Visitors may contact the same during office hours.
    • Correspondence regarding stipend enquiries can be addressed to

      General Manager (Stipend)
      Welfare Division -Education
      Fauji Foundation Head Office
      68 Tipu Road, Chaklala
    • To facilitate the processing of your query, please quote last year's stipend number, father's / mother's Service Number and district of domicile, along with a self addressed, stamped envelope.
    • "Query Booth" at Gate 2 of the Head Office, Tipu Road. Remains open to address queries by the visitors as under:-

      Contact Tel No: 051-5951831-840 Extn-1391.


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Sat & Sun are observed as Closed Holidays

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